Research shows that teachers have the biggest impact on student success. 

But who is helping the teachers grow? 

Principals are pulled in so many directions that teacher development often gets pushed aside by the ‘tyranny of the urgent.’ Having someone working with teachers to help them grow allows principals to focus on administration. This help is designed to allow principals to focus on the students and the families.


Helping schools roll out a new approach starts with research for best practices. Right now, that could be best practices for remote learning. 

I take their data and analyze it.

  • What do we want the students to know?
  • How do we tell if they know it? 
  • What are we going to do if they don’t understand?
    What if they’ve already mastered it and need to move on? 

I work with teachers to put proven strategies into place. There is fine-tuning and follow-up. Sometimes I go into classrooms to evaluate and provide feedback.

Curriculum Work

Very few schools have a guaranteed and viable curriculum. For example, will your 6th grade students get the same instruction and same tests regardless of which teacher’s class they attend?

Tight, Loose, Tight

To make sure all students are getting an equitable education, there needs to be universal access to the same processes and information. However, there is allowance for teacher input. This is the “tight, loose, tight” approach. 

  • Order of instruction = tight
  • Method of delivery = loose 
  • Assessment of results = tight

This allows for teacher creativity and allows buffer days into the curriculum – to slow down or re-teach for students with IEP, or additional activities to enrich understanding.

Broad and specific curriculum consulting

I can help a school district analyze its current curriculum and to see if it is set up to guarantee equitable education for all students. I can help adjust what is not aligned to this.

I also provide curriculum consulting for specific projects. 

For example, a California environmental company wanted to show local students how human choices affect water. They needed lessons to present to elementary science students when they went into schools to promote their water gauges. 

I researched the learning standards in California and then advised them on how to write lessons that would meet those standards and tie in the materials they took home. 

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