Circus Peanuts

Mar 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Do you ever look at something and your brain takes off down memory lane to a specific moment? The brain truly fascinates me.

I was in the dollar store the other day looking for candy for the upcoming family Easter egg hunt. Glancing up and down each section of the aisle, if you have ever been in a dollar store you feel my pain, haphazard organization. My eyes stopped on the orange circus peanuts and my brain took off.

When I was a younger child, my grandma Donoghue would plan for family members to meet downtown Kokomo to watch the 4th of July parade. This gathering would only occasionally include my grandpa or dad as they were firefighters and often missed holidays. We would bring lawn chairs and blankets and sit next to one another on the side of the road. Every year that I can remember going to the parade, my grandma always had circus peanuts for us to eat.

Have you ever tried circus peanuts? I can’t imagine that they are very popular. There isn’t much special about them. They are orange, shaped like giant peanuts in the shell, and have the texture of a marshmallow mixed with maybe taffy?! The candy really doesn’t taste like much, slightly sweet.

Why does my brain hold onto this moment? The candy itself was nothing to write home about! After reflecting on this question I came to this…this was a yearly tradition, every 4th of July, just during my younger years and the only time and place where I have every eaten Circus Peanuts.

How do we create these memory moments for our staff? Colleagues? Students? Our own children? When are the appropriate times? How might this help others have small moments, in this crazy, fast-paced world?

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